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September 06, 2009

Hey everyone!

Since our last update we've been making a lot of improvements, but most of them have been under-the-hood upgrades that you wouldn't really notice. Things like simplifying our code and making things faster so that we can handle even higher loads of traffic. But we did recently add an important new feature that all of our users can begin using immediately: private portfolios.

Private portfolios are portfolios you create which are protected by a password. When visitors try to access a private portfolio, they're first asked for the password you specified before they can enter. When you have one or more private portfolios enabled on your Qufoto website, a new menu shows up on your site titled "Client Access," and all of your private portfolios are grouped in it. Like with any other menu item, you can rename it from "Client Access" to whatever you want.

The goal with this feature is that photographers or artists can set up private galleries for specific clients, so that only they can see or review the work. For example, a wedding photographer could have their general / best / most popular work in one or more regular portfolios for potential clients to view, and have individual wedding shoots set up in private portfolios so that current clients can come and review the work without it being available to others.

This was one of our most requested features, so enjoy!

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