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January 04, 2009

We just pushed an update yesterday that allows for much greater customization of the look and style of your website. Up to this point, Qufoto sites allowed you to select your template and set a basic color scheme, but that was about it. Those options can provide for some really slick-looking sites, but even more is possible.

Now, in addition to these options, you can:Choose to use a gradient for your background instead of a solid colorChoose to use a background image for your site, and set where it appears and how it repeats, if you want it toSet the background color of the inner display area separately from the background color of the whole pageSet the transparency of the inner background and popout thumbnails

These new options allow for a much wider range of possibilities for what your site can look like. Are you tired of a solid color and you want to use a gradient? Done. Would you like the main content area of your site to appear in a box, so it stands out? Now you can do that. Do you want your logo to appear on the bottom instead of the top? Or the left, or the right, or sideways in the corner and repeat vertically? You can do that, too. Do you want a fancy pattern as your background? Just make or find one and upload it.

A very simple example of a site using a gradient and a separate inner background color/transparency can be seen at

We greatly encourage our current users to experiment and see what kinds of things they can come up with. We hope to post a new tutorial on how to achieve certain effects with these options within the next few weeks.

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