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Examples Page & Instagram Pictures | Apr 23, 17

Hi everyone! Spring is here and we hope you are feeling upbeat about the warm season ahead.

We are actively looking for Qufoto subscribers who would like their website to be part of our main page's Example section ( Specifically we are looking for websites that might fall under the following categories: Style, Commercial, Photojournalism, Weddings, & Art and Design. If you would like your website to be part of this page, please just shoot us an email at! We will let you know if your website was selected, and where you can see it if it makes the Examples page.

In a similar vein, we also are looking into starting an Instagram account. We would love our account to showcase images from our subscribers. You guys have a lot of great pictures and images, and posting quality examples along with a link to your website would be a great joy for us. If you like one or more pieces of your work to be shown on the Instagram page as well as your website linked, please send us an email at, and we will let you know if we end up using it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mobile Websites | Aug 06, 11

Mobile photography websites are now available automatically for all Qufoto users! This means when you create a new Qufoto website, you instantly get a mobile version that is easily viewable on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and anything else that you can carry in your pocket. Sweet.

This feature has been in beta for a few months, and we're working hard to keep improving it. Mobile is everywhere now, and it's almost as important to have your photography website work as well on phones as it does on computers. Now you can have both, and it's as easy as creating your regular site as you normally would.

This feature is available instantly at no extra charge, and is enabled automatically and by default for all Qufoto users.

Private Galleries | Sep 06, 09

Hey everyone!

Since our last update we've been making a lot of improvements, but most of them have been under-the-hood upgrades that you wouldn't really notice. Things like simplifying our code and making things faster so that we can handle even higher loads of traffic. But we did recently add an important new feature that all of our users can begin using immediately: private portfolios.

Private portfolios are portfolios you create which are protected by a password. When visitors try to access a private portfolio, they're first asked for the password you specified before they can enter. When you have one or more private portfolios enabled on your Qufoto website, a new menu shows up on your site titled "Client Access," and all of your private portfolios are grouped in it. Like with any other menu item, you can rename it from "Client Access" to whatever you want.

The goal with this feature is that photographers or artists can set up private galleries for specific clients, so that only they can see or review the work. For example, a wedding photographer could have their general / best / most popular work in one or more regular portfolios for potential clients to view, and have individual wedding shoots set up in private portfolios so that current clients can come and review the work without it being available to others.

This was one of our most requested features, so enjoy!

Style updates | Jan 04, 09

We just pushed an update yesterday that allows for much greater customization of the look and style of your website. Up to this point, Qufoto sites allowed you to select your template and set a basic color scheme, but that was about it. Those options can provide for some really slick-looking sites, but even more is possible.

Now, in addition to these options, you can:

These new options allow for a much wider range of possibilities for what your site can look like. Are you tired of a solid color and you want to use a gradient? Done. Would you like the main content area of your site to appear in a box, so it stands out? Now you can do that. Do you want your logo to appear on the bottom instead of the top? Or the left, or the right, or sideways in the corner and repeat vertically? You can do that, too. Do you want a fancy pattern as your background? Just make or find one and upload it.

A very simple example of a site using a gradient and a separate inner background color/transparency can be seen at

We greatly encourage our current users to experiment and see what kinds of things they can come up with. We hope to post a new tutorial on how to achieve certain effects with these options within the next few weeks.

Contact updates | Nov 23, 08

The contact page on the Pro layout now offers the ability to display some basic contact info, in addition to the contact form through which your visitors can contact you. The form itself has been updated also—it's wider and taller, and changes colors based on your color scheme.

You can add contact info to your contact page by going to Personal > Personal Info in your update area. You will see a new "contact info" field at the bottom. Basic html is supported for font size and color customization, and links.

Contact information currently only displays on the Pro layout, but will be coming to the Lite and Wide layouts shortly.

Editable Tabs | Nov 09, 08

Here's an update a lot of users have been asking for: Editable tab names. Instead of the default titles for pages on your sites, like "Portfolios," "Multimedia," "Biography," "Resume," etc., you can now enter whatever text you want. "Portfolios" can be changed to "Galleries." "Contact" can be changed to "Message Me." It's all up to you.

Users can edit their tab names by going to Personal > Links in their update area. If you don't specify custom text, the defaults will be used.


The Featured Photographer Project | Aug 23, 08

Great News!

Our Featured Photographer Project is up and running. This is something we here at Qufoto have been looking forward to for a little while now. Let me tell you what's cool about it, what we hope to achieve with it, and how you can be a part of it.

The Interview

Once a month, we hope to present a high quality interview with a new photographer who uses our service. These interviews will read well and look good, and hopefully convey a meaningful look into the mind and thoughts of someone who is great at what they do.

The interviews will be unscripted and conducted by other photographers, so that a real understanding of the field can drive a unique exchange of thought.

With each interview, a selection of the photographer's work will be presented large and high-quality, so that you can see their work as you read what they think, and experience the final result of what their frame of mind leads them to capture.


One thing we hope to achieve with the Featured Photographer Project is a community of interest and respect among our photographers and those interested in their work. A flourishing network of connections among talented professionals would be an excellent thing to have created.

We'd also like to help develop recognition for the photographers whose work we personally admire, and who we think deserve to be more widely known. If our spotlight can help them get one more commission, or sell one more print, then we'll have done well.


At this time the Featured Photographer Project is only open to photographers who use a Qufoto website. If you do, and you're interested in being interviewed, you can let us know by sending us a simple note. You should have a selection of work that you feel comfortable sharing in an interview.

If you're not a Qufoto user, you're out of luck! But we hope you still enjoy the interviews that we do create.

There's no telling, yet, where this project will go. But we hope it will be successful. Our first interview is with Lacey Johnson. You can read it here.

Performance Updates | Aug 17, 08

Over the past week or so we spent some time enhancing the speed at which our servers reply to requests for your data. It turned out amazingly well. Although there were some deployment difficulties which were eventually resolved, and its clients' websites are now about 100 times faster. This means we can handle much more traffic than before, and response and load times should continue to be very stable.