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Note: If you redirected your domain using an A record and not using nameservers, this article does not apply to you because your email should be working as it has in the past.

Email addresses

  1. Preserving old email addresses
  2. Creating new email addresses

Preserving old email addresses

If you already have one or more email addresses based on a domain that you already own which you are going to redirect to a Qufoto website, a few steps need to be taken to preserve these addresses. Basically, one of two things can be done:

Option 1: MX records

For every domain, there are a few settings called "MX records" that exist on the server that the domain points to. These values control where email for that domain is sent to.

If you'd like to have your email addresses continue to work exactly as they always have, all you need to do is find out what "MX records" are currently being used for your domain, and let us know what they are before you redirect your domain. We'll plug the values in on our end, and your email will continue to work as it always has once you redirect.

Option 2: Google Apps

If you can't find the "MX records" for your domain, or if for some reason your domain host doesn't give you access to them, we can re-create your email addresses using Google Apps. Google Apps is a free, web-based email system that is basically the same thing as Gmail, except for your own domain. Using it does not require that we know the "MX records" that you were previously using.

The only downside to using Google Apps for your email is that you will start with a new inbox, meaning your old emails will not be in it. If you need your old emails, you'll have to save them before the switch. The upside is that it's a totally awesome web-based email system that will synch with your desktop client.

Send us a short note letting us know which email addresses you'd like recreated via Google Apps, and we'll set them up for you and send you the new log in information.

Creating new email addresses

If you already have one or more email addresses and followed step 1 above, you should already have the ability to create email addresses yourself so you can skip this step.

Otherwise, if you'd like to set up new email addresses based on your domain for the first time, it's basically the same process as option #2 above. Just send us a note with the email addresses that you would like to have created, and we'll set them up for you and send you the log in instructions within 24 hours.